I'm going to have to put this site on hold for the time being. I have to finish the foundations for another project first. Namely: creating a database (going to use Access for the ease, but eventually I'll switch it to MySQL), acquiring data and entering it into the database, editing film , finding film assets, creating overlays/background scenes for the film, recording VO, and creating a site for this project. Also, some of that has to be done every week; however, once I get my foundations laid down for that project it will be much more manageable.

Thank God I'm alive!

The end? The beginning? The return of my mind? The building of my life?

I sincerely hope so. With a few projects in the works, I hope I continually stay in action and avoid inaction. I hope these projects will lead me out of the void I've been lost in for too long.

I just watched this video tonight as I've been working, and thought it was a perfect accompaniment for this post.



Hello, this is my website. As of now it will be functioning more as a blog for me, but as I learn more it may transform into something greater. I am using the Drupal CMS to create my website, and today is the first time I have used it. Supposedly it has a steep learning curve, so let's hope I am able to figure it out soon! I'm pretty confused right now; I've managed to edit the .CSS, but it looks so terrible--I've never been good with CSS. I still have no idea where I can see the actual HTML of the pages or how I even add pages to my site.

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